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Cori Halpern Interiors - Laundry Room counter

It all began on a very cold winter day in January 2017. It was actually pouring rain, to be specific….we had just taken our daughter to the airport when we noticed a very strong odour coming from the basement. It was then that we knew. It was the worst case scenario. Sewage backup. Yup, you heard me – sewage. The most disgusting thing I could think of, was now pouring into my laundry room, aided of course by the torrential rain. AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!

Now just to back up (no pun intended) and give you a wee bit of history….

We have lived for over 20 years in a home built in the early 1920’s. We have loved this home, raised 2 children in this home, have amazing memories in this home, and have renovated much of this home. We have actually done our basement and laundry room a couple of times. Anyone who lives in an older home knows and loves the charm, quirks, character and “issues” that go along with living in a house that is almost 100 years old.

This time, the issue was that the 100 year-old clay pipes that lead into my house had simply crumbled. The only fix? Ripping open my basement and laundry room walls and floors to fix it, install new sump pump, new back flow valve and new drains. Perfect…..just what everyone needs – a surprise renovation!!

Warning – the following photo contains graphic images!

Cori Halpern Interiors - laundry room flood damage

No words. Except for “EEEEWWW”…..resulting damage the night of the flood.


Well if you know me, I very quickly tried to make lemonade out of my new lemons. I knew that the entire laundry room would have to go (the entire basement too for that matter!), regardless of what insurance would pay out. I looked at it as an opportunity! Especially after my wonderful hubby calmed me down and made me a cocktail….I knew exactly where I was going to start…..

Cori Halpern Interiors - cocktails and flooring samples

Along with my much needed Manhattan, came out the flooring samples! At the time I was deciding between these two….


Then I had an epiphany. In January shortly after this all happened, I went to the Interior Design Show in Toronto, and I saw the most amazing faucet. The Essence Pro faucet by Grohe Canada, was so fun, so unique, so totally cool, that I knew I wanted it for my laundry room! Exceptional performance, flexibility, and look how gorgeous she is….

Cori Halpern Interiors - Grohe Essence Pro faucets IDS

I took this as a “sign”….and instantly fell in love with the Essence Pro Faucet by Grohe Canada as displayed at IDS 2017.


And while it was definitely the classic case of a designer being the absolute WORST client ever, things finally got underway. I was inspired and motivated! I wanted all of the things that I never had in my former laundry room! I was going to have space and a place for everything, Caesarstone countertops, a deep sink, good lighting, and easy access to cleaning supplies and my machines. And of course, I was going to have wallpaper! I mean shouldn’t everyone have wallpaper in their laundry room?? I actually thought it would be the perfect way to camouflage the weird bumps and nooks and uneven walls in my laundry room. And it worked!!

Cori Halpern Interiors - laundry room close-up

Absolutely LOVING this combination!! Wallpaper designed by Miles Redd for Schumacher from Bilbrough & Co. (available through Cori Halpern Interiors)


It’s taken a while of course….life and work can get in the way. I have had some incredible people, friends, and suppliers, help me out along the way. A huge thank you to Kerth Alexander and AMS Trades, Saltillo Imports, Cera Gres, Grohe Canada, Canaroma, Toronto Custom Concepts, Drapes & More, and Bilbrough & Co.

Cori Halpern Interiors - Laundry Room

Bliss….almost too nice to actually do any laundry in. Seriously.


In addition to the matte black cabinetry and Caesarstone countertops, we also reconfigured the opening of the laundry room, allowing full and easy access to the laundry machines. No more twisting into a pretzel to open and close the washer and dryer!

Laundry rooms are honestly just as important, and contain just as many elements as most kitchens, in my opinion. Cabinetry, flooring, backsplash, countertop, storage, lighting and plumbing, just to name a few things….So let’s give the humble laundry area the attention and respect that it deserves!  And truthfully, based on experience, if you absolutely MUST do the laundry it’s WAY more fun to do it in an awesome laundry room!










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