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La Cornue black & gold range at KBIS2016

The most spectacular black and gold range from LaCornue, as seen at KBIS2016 on Modenus BlogTour.

In all honesty, I had not really ever given kitchen appliances much thought. I mean, I knew a little about certain brands, and I certainly knew how much I disliked my own dishwasher, and how seldom I used my microwave. I knew which appliances “looked” nice, but I really had no “education” when it came to kitchen appliances – and I certainly had no emotional attachment to anything in particular.

Then came the Modenus BlogTour and my trip to KBIS2016 in Las Vegas. What a game changer!! A total and COMPLETE eye-opener! All of a sudden, I was literally drooling over ranges like this stunner from LaCornue (the Giselle Bundchen of ranges) and trying to figure out if I actually had one, could I bring myself to cook on it…?

The best thing about BlogTour was how much I was able to learn.  I witnessed such incredible innovation and technology in products that we all use everyday, and that can make our lives so much easier. Amazing developments in cooking technology from Thermador, like their patented “Star” burners, their revolutionary steam oven, and the space-saving microwave drawer.

Thermador patented Star Burner

Thermador’s patented Star Burner has over 50% more surface area for faster cooking time. Photo: Thermador

What I also loved about the Thermador gas cooktops, was the “ExtraLow” Simmer setting. Brilliant! This is a setting on the gas cooktop that can be set even lower than the traditional “low” setting on most burners, allowing for perfect cooking of delicate sauces, melted cheeses, or even for sweet treats and sugar syrups.

Even after KBIS2016 was over, I decided to continue my research on appliances.  I had a number of kitchen projects in the works, and I wanted to be educated so that I could help advise and guide my clients in to making the best decisions for their kitchen renovations.

With the help of my dear BlogTour friend, Sarah Walker, we hosted a Lunch & Learn at Luxe Appliance Studio in Toronto for a fabulous group of our designer friends. Luxe is the home of Thermador, Bosch and Gaggeneau brands, and is a beautiful cooking studio, where a chef will demonstrate the various appliances and technologies while cooking a wonderful meal for you and your guests.

Cori Halpern & Sarah Walker at Luxe Appliance Studio

Sarah Walker and I making the perfect chicken to cook in a Thermador Steam & Convection Oven. Photo: Luxe Appliance Studio

We had such a blast! So much fun cooking with friends, and the very talented Chef Marco – who put up with us!

We had a wonderful afternoon, and were able to be hands-on with many of the appliances including the sleek and modern Bosch glass-fronted refrigerators (amazing!!) and the mind-blowing Bosch dishwashers.

The signature Bosch dishwasher comes in a variety of finishes, and can also be panel-ready to match your kitchen cabinetry. It is virtually silent, has flexible and adjustable dish and cutlery racks, and NO BOTTOM HEAT ELEMENT!! I love that! That means that plastic will not melt when you put it on the bottom. Also, it has a small removable filter, so that the food gunk does not get continuously swished around in the dishwasher – you simply remove and empty it after the cycle is done.

Bosch dishwasher

Gorgeous Bosch dishwasher. Sleek design with controls at the top and flexible racking system. Photo: Bosch

Never in my life did I think I would get so excited about dishwashers and refrigerators! I love to cook, but up until now I thought more about my appliance just “doing the job” and didn’t realize how our kitchen appliances can do so much more than that for us.

By using fully integrated and panel-fronted refrigerators, we not only can save space in our kitchens, but they blend in seamlessly, making our space feel luxurious, more custom, and (especially in smaller kitchens) much larger. New appliance technologies allows us to now fully customize a kitchen, not just try to fit and arrange appliances that are too large/too small into the space. Thermador does this beautifully with their many custom range options and their Freedom Refrigeration Collection.


MicroDrawer Microwave

How brilliant is this MicroDrawer microwave from Thermador?? Perfect space-saver! Photo: Thermador

Obsessed with this microwave drawer! This would be perfect in a kitchen (meaning my kitchen) where I only use my microwave for reheating my tea that I am constantly forgetting about….It is the only drawer that can be installed perfectly flush in any standard depth cabinetry, and is actually surprisingly large at 1.2 cubic foot capacity.


Perlick 18"deep Signature Series Sottile Beverage Center

This is the perfect small space beverage centre at only 18″ deep! From Perlick, the Signature Series Sottile bar fridge. Photo: Perlick

This bar fridge is going to be perfect for the small butler’s pantry in our new Benvenuto Condo Project! Everything one could want in a small beverage centre, and brilliant when you do not have the standard 24″ counter depth that most bar fridges require. My clients will be thrilled with this option!


I have also been to a seminar at the GE Monogram Design Centre in Toronto, where we were treated to the launch of a new freestanding GE French-door refrigerator in a stunning matte slate grey finish. Also introduced was a new top-loading washing machine with a very retro vibe. One of the trends that GE is focusing on is “Intuitive Technology” where everything in the home will be connected via the internet, and will be able to communicate with one another through voice activation or on your smartphone or tablet. Fascinating!

GE Appliances Monogram Design Centre, Toronto

The GE Appliance Monogram Design Centre in Toronto. A fully working kitchen showcasing their high-end product.


I think at this point, I could write a book on my new love affair with kitchen appliances….and I have not even started on the laundry room! I encourage everyone to find out about the newest innovations in appliance technology.  There are truly some fabulous products in the marketplace that can make our lives more efficient, give us better cooking performance, more space in the kitchen, and save us time, energy and effort. The only downside, is now I need to toss ALL of my own appliances and go shopping….The things we do for love!



Wilsonart black and white Solicor specialty laminate

Wilsonart® SOLICOR™ is a specialty laminate created with a solid color core – eliminating the troublesome “brown line” of traditional laminates. Photo: Wilsonart

I am still so full of inspiration from my recent trip to Las Vegas for KBIS2016, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, as a part of the Modenus BlogTourKBIS. An incredible experience and a Designer’s paradise in terms of creative inspiration, innovation, and invention! So many new products, new suppliers, and new ideas for me to explore and discover.

Something that was also a wonderful surprise was just how many venerable and trusted brands were also represented at KBIS2016. Fabulous products by design darlings Karastan, Wilsonart, and Wood-Mode Fine Cabinetry were on display, and ALL had completely reinvented existing ideas and were showcasing some of our new designer favourites. It’s not often that you can get me all excited about flooring, or laminate, or even cabinetry – but I was blown away by what I saw, and super impressed by the creativity and ingenuity of these brands!

Wilsonart-28 copper shelving/Tori Aston & Modenus

Beautiful Wilsonart Quartz Collection – perfect for countertops! Photo: Tori Aston Photography & Modenus

Wilsonart-27 copper shelving close-up/Tori Aston & Modenus

Perfect copper metallic done in laminate! Amazing.  Photo: Tori Aston Photography & Modenus

Wilsonart is one of those long-trusted and favourite brands that every Designer has used.  Founded in 1956 in Temple, Texas, by the end of the 1970’s Wilsonart Laminate had become one of North America’s leading brands of decorative laminates. It was fabulous to see how creative and innovative this brand has been in actively developing new and exciting products that are not only practical, but gorgeous as well. I am totally in love with the Decorative Metals Collection, which are actually pure metal surfaces with a sturdy laminate backing. These copper shelves are truly stunning. Also, they have done a fabulous job developing their Wilsonart Quartz Collection, as shown in the top photo, an engineered stone that is perfect for countertops.

As much as I LOVE the way that Wilsonart has showcased the metallics (love the bronze, the copper, and the gorgeous pewter!!), I do have a soft spot for the new Retro Collection….

Wilsonart Retro Boomerang Collection

The new Retro Renovation Collection featuring the classic boomerang design was introduced at KBIS2016. Photo: Wilsonart

Wilsonart introduced seven new classic retro colours in this boomerang motif, designed to emphasize the small-scale, tone-on-tone, abstract pattern in popular colours from the 1940’s, 1950’s, and 1960’s. My favourites are the pink (First Lady Pink) made popular by Mamie Eisenhower in the 1950’s, and the green (Delightful Jade), inspired by vintage jadeite milk glass – which I collect and adore!


Another long-time favourite for me is Karastan.  A trusted and beloved brand, a designer staple for sure. Karastan was founded in 1928, and their innovation made the production of stylish, high-quality carpets affordable to the consumer. It was actually American retail icon, Marshall Field, who pioneered the technology that could make elegant, machine-made carpets and rugs, that became known as the Karastan brand. Fascinating!!

So how would Karastan impress me at KBIS2016? I was excited to find out…

Karastan at KBIS wool wall to wall carpet

Beautiful wool carpet in stunning patterns and elegant colours. I LOVE the Scottish Highlands & Southwick Gardens Collections.

Karastan Scottish Highlands image

Wool is beautifully soft to the touch, and I love the subtle hint of tartan in the Scottish Highlands Collection. Photo: Karastan

This collection is made out of 100% New Zealand wool, which is not only soft and comfortable, but also durable and easy to maintain. People get nervous when you say “wool”, but honestly I love the natural beauty of it. It is super easy to care for, wears like iron, and cleans up like a dream, AND it’s perfect for our Canadian climate. With as many as 8 elegant colour ways, and Karastan‘s “A Cut Above” Program,  I could very easily also use the Southwick Gardens or the Scottish Highland Collections as bound area carpets – they are that lovely! Great colours, patterns and textures. Love, love, love! Thank you, Karastan. Yes, very impressed indeed.


Now you may think that when it comes to cabinetry, you have seen it all.  Well, then you have not seen the glorious finishes from Wood-Mode Fine Cabinetry. So creative, so innovative, and such a great use of mixed media and materials! Like I said, it takes a lot to impress us Designers, and believe me, Wood-Mode Fine Cabinetry did!

Yardley CloseUp Wood-Mode photo

“Yardley” Style recessed inset doors with mirrored stainless steel drawerheads. Photo courtesy of Wood-Mode Fine Cabinetry.

Gorgeous and unique finishes and combinations of finishes is what Wood-Mode was expertly showcasing at KBIS2016. This stunning breakfront is made of rift-cut white oak and then sandblasted for a more “weathered aesthetic”. Add in the stainless steel inset drawers, and it is the perfect blend of traditional meets industrial. The finished exterior done in Matte Shale with Graphite glaze also makes this subtle grey-washed finish perfectly on-trend.

Westchester Detail Wood-Mode pic

Close-up of Wood-Mode’s “Westchester” Style vanity. Beautiful design in the stepped mullion detailing. Photo: Wood-Mode Fine Cabinetry

I love all of the little brilliant extra touches in this vanity. The classic Bright White opaque finish, the antique mirror inserts in the door front, and the graceful arcs of the stepped mullions and crown moulding. Classic and elegant, the antique mirror adds that extra bit of sparkle and glamour.

I think my favourite from Wood-Mode had to be the “Brookhaven” freestanding island done in a spectacular Agate Blue Opaque finish.

Agate Blue Opaque finish Wood-Mode island

This colour is completely swoon-worthy! Insanely in love with this sophisticated, soft, blue-grey finish.

I made a bee-line for this showstopper as soon as I saw it at the Wood-Mode display at KBIS2016. Immediately and totally in love with this subtle colour! This “Brookhaven” freestanding island, with the “Tribeca” recessed inset door, has the spectacular Agate Blue Opaque finish.  A lovely, watery, blue-grey colour. A perfect solution for those not sure if they want bold colour in their cabinetry, and also works beautifully in combination with classic white as a subtle accent piece. Beautiful face-framing and base detailing, makes this an exquisite and elegant piece of cabinetry.


These beloved brands all brought their “A-Game” to KBIS2016 with innovative, creative, and compelling new products and ideas. I’m so happy when a reliable, quality brand can keep surprising me with fresh and exciting designs.  So a very big THANK YOU to Wilsonart, Karastan and Wood-Mode Fine Cabinetry.  Thank you not only for continuing to be trusted and reputable, but also for your inspiration, imagination and ingenuity.

Responsive Home Proofs-40

Contemporary Transitional Responsive Home designed by Bobby Berk.  Photo courtesy of Pardee Homes.

As a Designer, it’s my job to be concerned about the aesthetics of a space. But that is not the whole story. Because when good Design meets cutting edge Innovation, the results are not only exciting, they are transformative.

Fortunately for me, I have seen some incredible state-of-the-art technology on my recent trip with Modenus, to KBIS2016 in Las Vegas with BlogTourKBIS. What an opportunity! Truly fantastic to be able to see what is on trend for 2016 in terms of technology and innovation for the kitchen, the bathroom, and the entire home.  Total game changers!!

Before the KBIS2016 show began, we were treated to a tour of three different specialty builder show homes. The first two were the Responsive Homes built by Pardee Homes, and designed by the very talented Bobby Berk.

Contemporary Farmhouse Responsive Home Outdoor patio at the “Contemporary Farmhouse” Responsive Home.  Photo courtesy of Pardee Homes.


Contemporary Farmhouse Responsive Home kitchen

The Kitchen, Great Room and Dining Room all have access to outdoor living space. Photo: Pardee Homes

These two incredible show homes were specifically built and marketed for the Millennials now entering the housing market. These Responsive Homes are focusing on great design, high-tech amenities, multiple connections to the outdoors, outdoor living spaces and nearly net-zero solar power. The floor plans are unique and customizable, and the spaces can adapt as the homeowner’s living needs change.

Contemporary Transitional Responsive Home kitchen

Fabulous kitchen in the “Contemporary Transitional” Responsive Home. Photo courtesy of Pardee Homes.

Located in the Inspirada Community in Henderson, Nevada (just outside of Las Vegas), both Responsive Homes are incredibly innovative and are equipped with electronic controls for temperature, lighting and home automation. The homeowners can easily manage the home’s energy use and comfort from anywhere via tablet or device.


The next spectacular show home we were privileged to be invited to, was The New American Home, built by NAHB (National Association of Home Builders), Designed by Element Design Build. This home was built to showcase and demonstrate the most innovative concepts, materials, designs, construction techniques, green building standards, and energy efficiency, with the goal that these ideas can be used and incorporated into any home, and that they are equally as important as the aesthetics of the space.  It is the official showcase house of the annual International Builders’ Show.

Butlers pantry at New American Home

Stunning and modern, this Butler’s Pantry features appliances by Thermador. Photo: New American Home

New American Home NAHB bedroom

One of two Master Suites in the New American Home. Each comes equipped with a full coffee & breakfast bar. I would seriously never leave my bedroom….

The New American Home is also showcasing their innovative design and technology by utilizing energy efficient appliances, low VOC paints and adhesives, chemical-free wood cabinetry, a whole-home automation system, lighting control systems, dual flush toilets, low-flow shower heads & faucets, native & drought tolerant plants, and a weather-sensitive irrigation system. Amazing!!


All of the appliances in the New American Home kitchen and Butler’s Pantry were supplied by Thermador, an iconic American appliance brand, showcasing the wide array of innovative cooking, cooling and cleaning appliances and how they can be personalized and customized to each home owner’s style of entertaining.

Thermador – I think it’s more like Therm-ADORE!! I was so impressed by this brand’s level of creativity and innovation!  I have never been more excited by a dishwasher in my entire life! I so love how Thermador has been able to completely and fully integrate all of their appliances, so that they appear SEAMLESS in the kitchen area.  No tell-tale framing around the refrigerators or dishwasher!

Thermador blue light dishwasher

I mean, how sexy is this dishwasher with that blue light?? Perfectly integrated Thermador Sapphire Dishwasher.

The Sapphire Dishwasher also has a flexible third rack and storage options, as well as a unique 20-minute cycle. This dishwasher can be also be fully customized to reflect whatever design aesthetic I am looking for, with innovations to enhance the experience of entertaining, ideal for clients that love to host friends and family.


Thermador kitchen

I love how the refrigerator and freezer are completely concealed! Photo courtesy of Thermador.


MicroDrawer Microwave

A brilliant way to save space with the built-in MicroDrawer Microwave. Photo courtesy of Thermador. 

Thermador (seriously Therm-ADORE!) is celebrating its 100th birthday, and this year is launching some truly groundbreaking appliances. Thermador has provided a number of unique ways to not only save space, but to also provide personalized, high-performance, luxury, and innovative products for my clients.  From the 60″ Pro Grand Range Collection, to the Frameless Freedom 36″ Induction Cooktop, and the Masterpiece Series Steam and Convection Oven and Warming Drawer, as well as the Wine Reserve Refrigerator, and Under Counter Refrigeration, the entertaining possibilities are endless!!



TOTO Neorest bathroom suite

Beautiful TOTO bathroom suite showcasing the NEOREST Collection. Photo courtesy of TOTO.

You may think that there is not a whole lot to get excited about when it comes to toilets….but you would be wrong.  Here comes the “potty talk”!! Seriously, I have never wanted to learn so much, or been so impressed with toilets as I am with the TOTO Neorest 750H toilet.  Literally, an “intelligent” toilet!! Winner of the iF International Award for Design Excellence, this toilet has IT ALL.  Intuitive sensor operation with automatic open/close AND automatic flush, integrated personal cleansing system, warm air dryer, heated seat, in-bowl catalytic deodorizer, as well as energy and water-saving features.  It also has what has to be the coolest toilet innovation that I have ever seen – the Actilight Cleansing Technology. Not only is the bowl of the toilet coated in titanium dioxide (making it nearly impossible for anything to stick to the bowl’s surface), but there is also an integrated UV light in the seat lid that is activated when the lid is closed, creating a “photocatalysis” and thus breaking down and virtually eliminating all organic substances that could be in the bowl!! WOW! This results in a toilet that remains incredibly clean and fresh for MONTHS at a time.  NO TOILET SCRUBBING, people!! Can you imagine??

Neorest 750H TOTO toilet

Close-up of the NEOREST 750H toilet by TOTO. Planet-friendly innovation with a 1-gallon “Tornado” dual flush system. Photo courtesy of TOTO.

I mean, who wouldn’t love a toilet that has its own remote control?? Truly the Bentley of all toilets…TOTO has created the NEOREST Collection as an example of TOTO‘s Total Design. The perfect blending of ultra high-efficiency, ergonomic and inclusive design features, and an elegant sculptural form with clean, simple lines.

Distinctive luxury, indeed.


I don’t know about you, but my mind was blown by these ingeniously designed and brilliantly engineered products and spaces. Every one of them impeccably showcased innovation, design, luxury, stellar performance, and superior attention to detail.

It’s so exciting!! Truly groundbreaking. How fabulous to be a Designer and have so many possibilities that we can now use to make our lives, and the lives of others, more intuitive, more comfortable, and more integrated. How wonderful that this new and revolutionary technology can also be design-forward, luxurious, distinctive and also good for the planet. Brilliant!

Design + Innovation = Magic


Lighting from AM Studio - IDS

Photo taken at IDS in Toronto at AM Studio, an example of beautiful lighting and what is trending for 2016.


Fresh off my fabulous experience with BlogTourKBIS at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS2016) in Las Vegas, I have SO much to share!! What an experience attending this industry show with the amazing Modenus and the entire BlogTourKBIS group. I am still over the moon at being given this incredible experience to see what is being showcased in the kitchen and bath industry for 2016, and to be able to network and learn about some really interesting and innovative products alongside some amazing Designers, Bloggers, Influencers, Suppliers and Sponsors.  So a HUGE “Thank You” to Modenus, KBIS2016, TOTO, Blanco, Wilsonart, Karastan, Top Knobs, Thermador, Wood-Mode Fine Cabinetry, and Mr. Steam.  Also, a special thanks to the Wynn and Encore Resorts and Jackie Von Tobel for an extraordinary afternoon.  It was a pleasure meeting all of you and learning about everything that you have to offer.

Trends for 2016! So exciting! There were several recurring themes that I saw at KBIS2016, so I thought I would talk about my “Top 3 Trends” and show you what we can expect for the coming year….

TREND #1 – BLACK IS BACK…and in a BIG way!

Blanco apron front SILGRANIT sink

Blanco’s new SILGRANIT granite composite apron fron sink in “Anthracite”. Photo courtesy of Blanco.


Brizo "Sotria" faucet in matte black

“Sotria” Bathroom Collection single lever faucet from Brizo in matte black finish.


"Serene" hardware collection from Top Knobs

New “Serene” Hardware Collection from Top Knobs.

Across the board we are seeing black.  New in sinks, such as the very cool Blanco SILGRANIT granite composite sink, which is scratch-proof AND heat resistant! My favourite is the apron front style – while this is usually viewed as a more traditional look, in the “Anthracite” colour (as shown) it looks dramatic and modern and could very easily be installed into a contemporary kitchen.

We are also seeing a gorgeous matte black finish emerging in faucets and shower suites from Brizo, Perrin & Rowe, Blanco and many others for both the kitchen and the bath.

Hardware also is getting into the matte black trend, like these great examples from the new “Serene” Collection from Top Knobs.

Black is also showing up in appliances, cabinetry and lighting in various different kinds of finishes from matte to high gloss lacquer, and from traditional to very modern.  More than a trend, it’s here to stay!



Gold hammered finish sink from Thompson Traders

Stunning gold hammered finish sink from Thompson Traders. A real showstopper!!


La Cornue black/gold range KBIS2016

Who knew I could love a range this much?  Black and gold beauty by La Cornue showcasing 2 of my Top 3 Trends.


Litze Brizo faucet - Architectural Digest

Single lever faucet from “Litze” Bathroom Collection by Brizo in a beautiful soft gold finish.  Photo: Brizo

I know that the gold trend has been around for a little while, but now this trend has migrated to all aspects of Interior Design. Now let’s be very clear – this is not the brassy gold from the ’80’s that I just had you all pull out of your homes! This gold is softer, warmer, and not as “in your face”.  That ’80’s stuff is still bad, and even if you are renovating and still loving the gold – this is a newer and more modern take.  It is glamorous and sophisticated, and even the polished versions of the “new gold” have a beautiful and elegant finish and depth to them. The “new gold” is being shown in hardware, faucets, shower kits, sinks, accessories, furniture, and lighting. I am a huge fan of this trend! #KingMidas



Exploring the 3rd dimension is emerging as a very big trend, and we saw that done to perfection with the many tile options at KBIS2016.

Walker Zanger "Kaza" concrete tile collection

Totally cool! “Kaza” Collection in concrete from Walker Zanger. This design is called “Edgy”. Perfect!


Walker Zanger KBIS "Kaza" Collection in concrete

More from the fabulous Walker Zanger “Kaza” Collection. Shown is the “Seed” design. Photo: Walker Zanger

Walker Zanger has this trend down to perfection! Not only are they using concrete as an interesting texture, but the 3D and geometric shapes and designs are inspiring and amazing.



Ogassian Collection from Ann Sacks

“Ogassian” Collection from Ann Sacks. A geometric 3D tile in metallic antique gold. Photo: Ann Sacks

Ann Sacks actually took this trend one step further combining Trend #2 (see above) and Trend #3 – mixing the three dimensional geometric with the beauty of the “new gold”. What a stunner!!



Grohe booth at IDS Toronto - hammered silver sink

On display at IDS in Toronto from Grohe. Gorgeous texture in this hammered finish sink.

Another way that texture was evident at both KBIS2016 and IDS in Toronto, was in the use of hammered finishes.  Done to perfection at KBIS2016 by Thompson Traders in their hammered sinks, vessels and bathtubs (see Trend #2), it was also shown in Toronto by Grohe in their display. This is a beautiful way for clients to achieve interesting texture in an unexpected place.  So contemporary, but could easily fit into a more traditional setting, too.  I love the artisanal feel to a hammered finish!



textured hardware from Top Knobs

“Mercer” Collection from Top Knobs in their “Quilted” design shows beautiful texture on a smaller scale.

If 3D concrete tiles are not your thing, there are other ways to achieve interesting texture in your space. Top Knobs has done a fabulous job at translating this trend into their “Mercer” Collection of hardware. With the “Quilted” design available in a number of finishes and sizes, in both pulls and knobs, they also get in on that beautiful matte black finish (see Trend #1), as well as the gorgeous polished nickel finish.


In the opening photo of this post, I am showcasing the magnificent custom lighting from AM Studio in Toronto, as exhibited at IDS last week. This is showing that the trend towards the “new gold”, and three dimensional design is available and easy to incorporate into our interior spaces in a very beautiful and liveable way. And that many of these trends are not only here to stay, but are already available in the marketplace.  KBIS2016 was truly an amazing experience and a feast for the eyes!! So much inspiration, new products, and innovation. It was really hard to narrow down my top 3 Trend Watch Picks, in fact – almost impossible! Stay tuned for more blog posts to see what else I found on BlogTourKBIS….






Looking forward to #BlogTourKBIS and KBIS2016 – Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.

I’m gearing up to leave on Sunday for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show – KBIS2016 in Las Vegas, and I could not be more excited! Thousands of exhibitors, suppliers, designers, and industry leaders will be there to showcase what is new and innovative in the kitchen and bath industry and in design trends for 2016. I am so fortunate to be a part of Modenus – The Design Directory’s BlogTourKBIS team that is heading to Las Vegas to preview all of these fabulous products.  We will be networking with suppliers, meeting industry influencers, attending workshops and seminars – all to see what is amazing for the upcoming year.  I will be posting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, as well as posting to my blog, about all of the spectacular innovations in kitchen and bath design.

Much of my design work involves kitchen and bathroom renovations. It’s a big investment on so many levels, and I always try to make the process enjoyable for my clients. Both kitchen and bathroom environments have to not only be completely 100% functional, but they also have to be well designed, ergonomic, easy to maintain, durable AND beautiful. They are both the kinds of spaces that get lived in and used every single day. Both Designers and Clients want to see the newest, the most efficient, the most innovative, and the coolest products out there.  New technology is enhancing our designs everyday.  I am so looking forward to seeing first-hand at KBIS2016 new and creative product ideas, and to learn about new product and technology innovations that I can bring back to my own clients and design projects.

Thank you so much to our wonderful sponsors: KBIS, Modenus, TOTO, Mr. Steam, Karastan, Top Knobs, Wilsonart, Wood-Mode, Blanco, and Themador. I am so excited to see what fabulous products you are showcasing for 2016!

Blanco sinksI love an oversized single sink! Elegant AND practical. Photo courtesy of Blanco.

I love to cook and be in my kitchen, so I am really excited to see what Blanco is showing for 2016. How elegant is this sink and faucet? Gorgeous! A sink and faucet are incredibly important to any kitchen renovation, and have to be both functional and practical as well as stylish. Looking forward to seeing you, Blanco!


modern Wood-Mode kitchenBeautiful kitchen by Wood-Mode.

Looking forward to meeting you Wood-Mode! With so many styles of cabinetry, I am very excited to see what you have to showcase for 2016.


Mohawk Flooring laundry room

What’s new for 2016 from Karastan and Mohawk Flooring? Can’t wait to find out!

I did so many bathrooms for clients in 2015, and I am really looking forward to seeing what our sponsors Mohawk Flooring and Karastan are showing at KBIS2016. I am always looking for what is new, what is trending, and what the newest designs are for my projects. I know I will come back with some fabulous ideas!


Mr. Steam showerHow fabulous is this steam shower from Mr. Steam?? Turn your bathroom into a spa….

I am really excited to meet our sponsor, Mr. Steam.  So many of my clients are looking for their bathrooms to be a spa-like retreat, and a steam shower can do just that! With so many features, you can now go to the spa without ever leaving home! Love this….


Wilsonart countertopNot your grandma’s laminate countertop!! Photo courtesy of Wilsonart.

Wow! Look how much countertops have changed!! Looking forward to seeing all of the innovative products showcased by Wilsonart at KBIS2016. They have both solid surface and laminate products, and I cannot wait to see what I will be using in my kitchen projects for 2016.

So much to see and do at KBIS2016! Excited to meet everyone from Modenus BlogTourKBIS, and thrilled to be included with such a talented group.

Las Vegas – here we come!

Modenus BlogTour KBIS 2016

BlogTour KBIS 2016 Sponsored by Modenus – The Design Directory.

What a way to kick off 2016! Only 6 more sleeps until I leave for Las Vegas with #BlogTourKBIS for the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show – or KBIS2016. I am honoured to be a part of the Modenus sponsored BlogTour this year, and to be included in a group of Design Industry experts, bloggers, designers, and influencers. We will attend the show, meet with suppliers, attend workshops and seminars, network with industry insiders and see all of the newest product innovations coming to the Kitchen and Bath marketplace. I will be blogging from KBIS2016, as well as posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and sharing all of the fabulous finds from Las Vegas!

Our wonderful sponsors for this BlogTour are: Modenus, KBIS, Karastan, Thermador, Mr. Steam, WoodMode, Wilsonart, Top Knobs, Blanco, and TOTO. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to introduce and showcase some amazing products.

Bathroom sink - TOTO

Gorgeous image courtesy of TOTO. Stunning sink and faucet combination.

I have always loved the clean, beautiful lines of TOTO products.  Excited to see what’s new for 2016!


Thermador range

Spectacular! Courtesy of Thermador.

Thermador is also celebrating their 100th birthday this year! How fabulous is that? As someone who loves to cook, I cannot wait to see what they will be showcasing at KBIS2016! What I would not give to have this amazing range and cooktop in my kitchen! Looking forward to seeing this beauty up close and personal….

Top Knobs hardware

Gorgeous hardware from Top Knobs. Bring on the bling!!

And let us not forget the jewelry that goes into every kitchen and bathroom – the hardware.  I am so excited to see what our sponsor, Top Knobs has to show us for 2016.

Stay tuned for more blog postings this week featuring our wonderful sponsors. I am really excited to see what the industry is going to be showcasing for 2016, and looking forward to seeing how I can bring these ideas home and use them in my upcoming projects.

I am also really going to enjoy meeting my fellow BlogTourKBIS participants! They are such a fabulously talented and accomplished group, and I know I will not only learn so much from them, but I am 100% certain that we are going to have the most amazing adventure together.

Thank you so much to Modenus for including me in this incredible experience. Just remember – What happens in Vegas…..




Well, it’s Friday, and the end of another really busy week.  It’s been a great week, with 3 calls from past clients hiring me again for new projects in their homes.  Woohoo!  I consider that a wonderful compliment from a client.  All of these clients are near and dear to my heart, and I am super excited to be working with them again.  One project is a full bathroom renovation, one is a Living Room redecoration project, and the other is also a bathroom renovation, but with a few extra decorating elements in other parts of the house.

As fabulous as this week was, as in any career there are good weeks, there are bad weeks, there are unbelievably crapola weeks and then sometimes, when you least expect it, you get very lucky.  And sometimes you simply hit the jackpot.  That also happened this week, when I received a hand written note from my client, Mr. J.

It came in a simple white envelope and reads:

“Cori, I am speechless when it comes to describing the kitchen cabinets.  I don’t believe I have ever seen that quality of workmanship & finish – our new house will be a castle wherever we look.” – Mr. J

Yes, I hit the jackpot.  Frankly, I almost burst into tears….How many people actually take the time to thank someone like that anymore??  How lucky am I?  These are wonderful clients, who I am working with on my Beach Condo Project.  They had to move out of their condo for 4 months, and yet not a word of complaint.  They always have a pot of tea on and some cookies whenever we get together in their temporary digs to discuss their project.  A full on, ripped back to the studs, renovation and construction job, and they are still lovely and pleasant and hospitable.  I am truly blessed to have clients like Mr. & Mrs. J.

BEFORE photo of Beach Condo Project Kitchen

This is the “Before” kitchen photo of our Beach Condo project. Cannot wait to rip it all out!

Beach Condo Kitchen, ripped down to the studs

Our Beach Condo kitchen, ripped down to the bare concrete and studs.

Beach Condo Kitchen - cabinet/hardware detail

Kitchen cabinet detail and close up sneak peak…

Yes, the kitchen cabinets went in last week!  Yay!  Move in date for Mr. & Mrs. J is next week, so we are all very excited!  When I was speaking to them yesterday, I told them that I was just as excited as they were.  Mr. J said, “Oh Cori, I don’t think so….”  How great is that?

So the next time that I am having an off day, or one of those truly dreadful weeks, I will look at my letter from Mr. J that is now in my office, and I will smile.  And I will realize that nothing bad lasts forever.  I will reflect on all of the repeat business that I am currently working on, and see that I am truly fortunate to be working with a number of fabulous trades, colleagues, suppliers and clients alike.  Yes – sometimes you really do hit the jackpot.

Cori Halpern Interiors - High Park Kitchen - teacup

Client’s own vintage teacup and saucer.

I often get asked, “Where do you get all of your ideas?  Where does your inspiration come from?”  The honest answer is that inspiration can come from anything and from anywhere.  Sometimes, when trying to get a client to focus in on their “Wish List”, we discuss what we are going to fall IN LOVE with…

It is my theory that you have to fall in love with something as a springboard to the project. That something can be as small as a vintage teacup as in the above photo.  I adore the very unusual colour combination of this teacup and saucer. For this client’s kitchen, we used a combination of charcoal grey, soft grey, yellow, cream, and white as their colour scheme.


Neutral backdrop is used to showcase the client’s beautiful carpets and art collection.

Very often, what you fall in love with is a carpet, or a piece of furniture, or fabric, or artwork.  In the above photo, the client had a very beautiful collection of Persian and Turkish area carpets.  They were all in predominantly deep rich shades of red – which was our jumping off point for this complete condo renovation project.  They also had an extensive and fabulous art collection which we also wanted to showcase.  Given the crazy architectural details of this condo space, I chose to create a dramatic, but very neutral backdrop, so that what stands out in the space are the amazing colours of the artwork and the area carpets.  I also added black and grey furniture pieces as punctuation to the space, and to ground the furniture within all of the colour surrounding it.


Artwork as inspiration.

And then, there is artwork.  Something that I love working with.  To me, a space is naked without some kind of artwork in it.  When we started, my client had absolutely nothing else in this space except this magnificent piece by Nicole Katsuras, a Toronto artist whose work I totally love!  I am constantly inspired by artwork and the artists that create it.  Our goal in this space was to have furniture pieces that could live in the space with the painting and yet, not be overpowered by the size and intensity of the artwork.  We chose large neutral chairs and a sofa, in addition to the cocktail table and two skirted benches (not pictured) – all with modern traditional lines.  The carpet is actually quite traditional in it’s design, but actually the colours are contemporary and more muted versions of the colours in the painting.


Fabulous fabrics.

We then took those colours and had the best time with gorgeous and luxurious fabrics.  They are what totally makes this neutral sofa into something fabulous. I don’t “match” the fabrics to the artwork, but they are “inspired” by it.  It becomes a feeling, a mood, a way to tell a story… This space is fun, happy and fresh.  It is where a young family lives and celebrates and plays.  And that is exactly what was on the client’s “Wish List” – they wanted a space that reflected who they were, as well as a space that would grow with their family.  The inspiration came from what they fell “in love” with – the painting.

Inspiration of course can come from anywhere.  Inspiration is whatever makes you feel like you are at peace and comfortable in your space.  It’s what puts a smile on your face, it’s what you cannot live without, and what makes you happy every time you are surrounded by it.  The exciting thing is that there are so many amazing people and places and things to see and do and experience, and I never get tired of looking for and finding my creative inspiration.