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Looking forward to #BlogTourKBIS and KBIS2016 – Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.

I’m gearing up to leave on Sunday for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show – KBIS2016 in Las Vegas, and I could not be more excited! Thousands of exhibitors, suppliers, designers, and industry leaders will be there to showcase what is new and innovative in the kitchen and bath industry and in design trends for 2016. I am so fortunate to be a part of Modenus – The Design Directory’s BlogTourKBIS team that is heading to Las Vegas to preview all of these fabulous products.  We will be networking with suppliers, meeting industry influencers, attending workshops and seminars – all to see what is amazing for the upcoming year.  I will be posting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, as well as posting to my blog, about all of the spectacular innovations in kitchen and bath design.

Much of my design work involves kitchen and bathroom renovations. It’s a big investment on so many levels, and I always try to make the process enjoyable for my clients. Both kitchen and bathroom environments have to not only be completely 100% functional, but they also have to be well designed, ergonomic, easy to maintain, durable AND beautiful. They are both the kinds of spaces that get lived in and used every single day. Both Designers and Clients want to see the newest, the most efficient, the most innovative, and the coolest products out there.  New technology is enhancing our designs everyday.  I am so looking forward to seeing first-hand at KBIS2016 new and creative product ideas, and to learn about new product and technology innovations that I can bring back to my own clients and design projects.

Thank you so much to our wonderful sponsors: KBIS, Modenus, TOTO, Mr. Steam, Karastan, Top Knobs, Wilsonart, Wood-Mode, Blanco, and Themador. I am so excited to see what fabulous products you are showcasing for 2016!

Blanco sinksI love an oversized single sink! Elegant AND practical. Photo courtesy of Blanco.

I love to cook and be in my kitchen, so I am really excited to see what Blanco is showing for 2016. How elegant is this sink and faucet? Gorgeous! A sink and faucet are incredibly important to any kitchen renovation, and have to be both functional and practical as well as stylish. Looking forward to seeing you, Blanco!


modern Wood-Mode kitchenBeautiful kitchen by Wood-Mode.

Looking forward to meeting you Wood-Mode! With so many styles of cabinetry, I am very excited to see what you have to showcase for 2016.


Mohawk Flooring laundry room

What’s new for 2016 from Karastan and Mohawk Flooring? Can’t wait to find out!

I did so many bathrooms for clients in 2015, and I am really looking forward to seeing what our sponsors Mohawk Flooring and Karastan are showing at KBIS2016. I am always looking for what is new, what is trending, and what the newest designs are for my projects. I know I will come back with some fabulous ideas!


Mr. Steam showerHow fabulous is this steam shower from Mr. Steam?? Turn your bathroom into a spa….

I am really excited to meet our sponsor, Mr. Steam.  So many of my clients are looking for their bathrooms to be a spa-like retreat, and a steam shower can do just that! With so many features, you can now go to the spa without ever leaving home! Love this….


Wilsonart countertopNot your grandma’s laminate countertop!! Photo courtesy of Wilsonart.

Wow! Look how much countertops have changed!! Looking forward to seeing all of the innovative products showcased by Wilsonart at KBIS2016. They have both solid surface and laminate products, and I cannot wait to see what I will be using in my kitchen projects for 2016.

So much to see and do at KBIS2016! Excited to meet everyone from Modenus BlogTourKBIS, and thrilled to be included with such a talented group.

Las Vegas – here we come!

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