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Monthly Archives: March 2016

La Cornue black & gold range at KBIS2016

The most spectacular black and gold range from LaCornue, as seen at KBIS2016 on Modenus BlogTour.

In all honesty, I had not really ever given kitchen appliances much thought. I mean, I knew a little about certain brands, and I certainly knew how much I disliked my own dishwasher, and how seldom I used my microwave. I knew which appliances “looked” nice, but I really had no “education” when it came to kitchen appliances – and I certainly had no emotional attachment to anything in particular.

Then came the Modenus BlogTour and my trip to KBIS2016 in Las Vegas. What a game changer!! A total and COMPLETE eye-opener! All of a sudden, I was literally drooling over ranges like this stunner from LaCornue (the Giselle Bundchen of ranges) and trying to figure out if I actually had one, could I bring myself to cook on it…?

The best thing about BlogTour was how much I was able to learn.  I witnessed such incredible innovation and technology in products that we all use everyday, and that can make our lives so much easier. Amazing developments in cooking technology from Thermador, like their patented “Star” burners, their revolutionary steam oven, and the space-saving microwave drawer.

Thermador patented Star Burner

Thermador’s patented Star Burner has over 50% more surface area for faster cooking time. Photo: Thermador

What I also loved about the Thermador gas cooktops, was the “ExtraLow” Simmer setting. Brilliant! This is a setting on the gas cooktop that can be set even lower than the traditional “low” setting on most burners, allowing for perfect cooking of delicate sauces, melted cheeses, or even for sweet treats and sugar syrups.

Even after KBIS2016 was over, I decided to continue my research on appliances.  I had a number of kitchen projects in the works, and I wanted to be educated so that I could help advise and guide my clients in to making the best decisions for their kitchen renovations.

With the help of my dear BlogTour friend, Sarah Walker, we hosted a Lunch & Learn at Luxe Appliance Studio in Toronto for a fabulous group of our designer friends. Luxe is the home of Thermador, Bosch and Gaggeneau brands, and is a beautiful cooking studio, where a chef will demonstrate the various appliances and technologies while cooking a wonderful meal for you and your guests.

Cori Halpern & Sarah Walker at Luxe Appliance Studio

Sarah Walker and I making the perfect chicken to cook in a Thermador Steam & Convection Oven. Photo: Luxe Appliance Studio

We had such a blast! So much fun cooking with friends, and the very talented Chef Marco – who put up with us!

We had a wonderful afternoon, and were able to be hands-on with many of the appliances including the sleek and modern Bosch glass-fronted refrigerators (amazing!!) and the mind-blowing Bosch dishwashers.

The signature Bosch dishwasher comes in a variety of finishes, and can also be panel-ready to match your kitchen cabinetry. It is virtually silent, has flexible and adjustable dish and cutlery racks, and NO BOTTOM HEAT ELEMENT!! I love that! That means that plastic will not melt when you put it on the bottom. Also, it has a small removable filter, so that the food gunk does not get continuously swished around in the dishwasher – you simply remove and empty it after the cycle is done.

Bosch dishwasher

Gorgeous Bosch dishwasher. Sleek design with controls at the top and flexible racking system. Photo: Bosch

Never in my life did I think I would get so excited about dishwashers and refrigerators! I love to cook, but up until now I thought more about my appliance just “doing the job” and didn’t realize how our kitchen appliances can do so much more than that for us.

By using fully integrated and panel-fronted refrigerators, we not only can save space in our kitchens, but they blend in seamlessly, making our space feel luxurious, more custom, and (especially in smaller kitchens) much larger. New appliance technologies allows us to now fully customize a kitchen, not just try to fit and arrange appliances that are too large/too small into the space. Thermador does this beautifully with their many custom range options and their Freedom Refrigeration Collection.


MicroDrawer Microwave

How brilliant is this MicroDrawer microwave from Thermador?? Perfect space-saver! Photo: Thermador

Obsessed with this microwave drawer! This would be perfect in a kitchen (meaning my kitchen) where I only use my microwave for reheating my tea that I am constantly forgetting about….It is the only drawer that can be installed perfectly flush in any standard depth cabinetry, and is actually surprisingly large at 1.2 cubic foot capacity.


Perlick 18"deep Signature Series Sottile Beverage Center

This is the perfect small space beverage centre at only 18″ deep! From Perlick, the Signature Series Sottile bar fridge. Photo: Perlick

This bar fridge is going to be perfect for the small butler’s pantry in our new Benvenuto Condo Project! Everything one could want in a small beverage centre, and brilliant when you do not have the standard 24″ counter depth that most bar fridges require. My clients will be thrilled with this option!


I have also been to a seminar at the GE Monogram Design Centre in Toronto, where we were treated to the launch of a new freestanding GE French-door refrigerator in a stunning matte slate grey finish. Also introduced was a new top-loading washing machine with a very retro vibe. One of the trends that GE is focusing on is “Intuitive Technology” where everything in the home will be connected via the internet, and will be able to communicate with one another through voice activation or on your smartphone or tablet. Fascinating!

GE Appliances Monogram Design Centre, Toronto

The GE Appliance Monogram Design Centre in Toronto. A fully working kitchen showcasing their high-end product.


I think at this point, I could write a book on my new love affair with kitchen appliances….and I have not even started on the laundry room! I encourage everyone to find out about the newest innovations in appliance technology.  There are truly some fabulous products in the marketplace that can make our lives more efficient, give us better cooking performance, more space in the kitchen, and save us time, energy and effort. The only downside, is now I need to toss ALL of my own appliances and go shopping….The things we do for love!