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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Formal gardens at Kylemore Abbey, Ireland.

Magnificent formal Victorian Gardens at Kylemore Abbey.
Connemara, County Galway, Ireland.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that this is a no-brainer for me. My absolute favourite colour is green. All shades of green, from deep British hunter green, to muted olive green, bright kelly green, fresh apple green, vivid chartreuse green – and everything in between. I do not discriminate! I love every tone and variation….it makes me feel alive, and maybe because it occurs in nature, it makes me feel relaxed. I cannot tell you how much I look forward to spring, when everything is bursting into colour, and out from the dullness and drab dirty whiteness of winter. When I see those first little green buds, I am giddy with excitement with the thought that soon everything will be green.
I think that being a redhead helps – I look great in green! I do believe that there is the perfect shade of green for everyone….although, I do find that many people tend to shy away from green. They have visions of bad Eighties seafoam green flashbacks, or worse – bad nineties sage green flashbacks. There are many classic shades of green that can suit any interior. It’s not only about the colour, but also about what I put with the green that makes the interior outstanding.


Fabulous upholstered green headboard with bold black and white.
IG photo by Preston Konrad at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh, PA.

I LOVE how this perfect kelly green is paired with bold black and white patterns. How vibrant! How graphic and modern and fun! Can you imagine how you would feel walking into this hotel space? This space has so much positive energy, you couldn’t help but be happy here…The green adds an unexpected freshness to this colour scheme. I also love how the turquoise lamp adds another layer and something special to this room.


One of my favourite projects! Lytton Park Kitchen Photo: Stephani Buchman

One of the reasons that this interior works, is that the spring green chair fabric is paired with the gorgeous Robin’s egg blue print on the roman shade and toss cushions. Both look great against the deep, rich colour of the beautiful hardwood. We mixed texture, pattern and colour, along with the contrast of light and dark, to create a dynamic space. This kitchen feels fresh and light, creating a feeling and the illusion of spaciousness. One of my favourite kitchen projects!

emerald green leopard print fabric

Beacon Hill Fabrics, emerald green AND leopard print! GASP! LOVE IT!!

After all of the rain that we have had here in Toronto, making everything so lush, and after my recent trip to Ireland, I am definitely inspired by green! Now, I just have to find a place to use this…..