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Monthly Archives: February 2015

leopard print fabrics

So many beautiful ways to use a fun animal print!

I would do just about anything for a good animal print!  I love them!  Different colours, different textures and patterns, but still, animal print.  Cheetah, zebra, leopard or ocelot – adore them all.

For me, they invoke a classic elegance about them.  And the best part is that you do not need a lot.  Just a little touch of leopard will instantly elevate any space and give it that extra “something”.  It’s all a part of layering pattern, texture and colour into a space to make it special.

What can a little animal print do?  In a traditional space it can liven it up, give it a little “boost”, and make it seem a bit more fun, like it doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Adding a bit of whimsy is always a good thing…

In a more contemporary space, it adds a little something unexpected.  A little nod to a classic pattern.  In a more contemporary space, I will often change up the colour of the print – greens, reds, blues – all look amazing as a leopard motif.

North Toronto LR - benches

We used a pale Robin’s egg blue and bronze zebra-inspired print on these skirted benches.

In this classic contemporary living room, we used a beautiful fabric – a zebra print!  It brings a wonderful texture to otherwise plain skirted benches, and is so much fun.  It actually doesn’t really even look like an “animal” print in the traditional sense – but I know it is!  These clients loved it when I showed it to them, and were excited to use something so fun and different.

“Decorating with a little leopard”, is my mantra – there is always room for an animal print!

Ocelot print tufted & fringed ottoman

Tufted and fringed ottoman with an ocelot print in a more traditional space.

In this more traditional space, we still went for fun with this gorgeous Cowtan & Tout ocelot print fabric.  We even added the bullion fringe and tufting details.  Go big, or go home!!  The client loved this little detail so much, that we made another similar ottoman for her pied-à-terre in Manhattan.  It was the one thing that she absolutely had to have in her second home, even though it was a completely different design concept and style of decor.  See, animal prints go with everything!

So, if you are looking to add that little extra special detail, that extra special “something”, you cannot go wrong with an animal print.  Don’t want to commit?  Do a toss cushion or a chair seat, or a small ottoman.  It does not have to dictate your entire design concept or colour scheme.  It will add that element of fun and unexpected whimsy to your space. Animal prints are luxurious, on trend, unique, special, and classic all at the same time.  So try it!  Everything is always better with a little leopard in the mix.